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  • Swing check valve

Swing check valve

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  • Our check valve is economically priced but with higher quality and capability than most at this market

    Pressure seal design.

    Maintenance is minimal with the field replaceable O-ring seat

    Unique cage unit: entire seat-hinge-pin-disc assembly can be tested outside the valve before seal welding into the body. Eliminates pin seal leakage.

    Easy in-line service.

    Efficient operation. The hinge pin located near the center of gravity allows the conical seating face of the disc to move out and into the seat rapidly without sliding or wear. The disc pivots through a small arc preventing backflow and “water hammer”.

    Superior tightness: conical, lapped-in hardfaced seating is self-aligning. Valve can be used even in vertical piping with flow up. 

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Working pressure



Operating Temperature


Operating Environment

Ballast and bilge system     Chemical processing

Desalination plants  Drilling rigs   

Drinking waterDry powder    

Food and beverage Gas plants

HAVC  Mining industry

Paper industry Sand handling


Sugar industry

Thermo technical water treatment 

Waste water


Body:  Cast Iron  Ductile Iron  Carbon Steel  Stainless Steel  AL-Bronze

Disc:  Ductile Iron  Carbon Steel Stainless Steel  AL-Bronze

Pin:  Stainless Steel  Monel K500

Seat: Carbon Steel  Stainless Steel  AL-Bronze

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